Sheltering Hands

Our Mission is to improve the lives of cats through humane care, spay/neuter, adoptions, education and support services.


May is the month we celebrate "mothers" for the life we have been given and the nurture and care we received to become who we are today. In keeping with Mother’s Day, Sheltering Hands celebrates "cat moms" far and wide!

They come in many forms: the feline that gives birth, the foster mom, the socializer, the cleaners and finally their forever home mom. Each of these "moms" ensure that a kitten thrives and has the opportunity to grow into an amazing, quirky and lovable cat. The foster mom teaches kittens that humans can be fun by make silly noises and toss around balls with bells. They teach them that humans will provide food, warmth and comfort. The Socializer helps the cat adjust to life in a rescue. That this new home with other cats is opportunity for a new forever home and provide reassurance that everything will be just fine. The cleaner prioritizes the basic physical needs of a cat, providing food, water, clean litter box and a warm bed with fresh linens. Don’t worry they manage to sneak in a few hugs and pets along the way, with the occasionally cat treats. Ps don’t listen to the cats! They get treats, wet food and dry food for grazing through the day.

Finally, we honor the forever home mom. The one that selected the cat because it was the perfect fit for their home. The one person, no matter how tired they are, meets all of the cat’s needs. The one that is rewarded with purrs from a happy and content cat. To all those that support Sheltering Hands and love a cat (feral and friendly), we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

- Elena G.
  Chair, Board of Directors - Sheltering Hands

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Zoey is a big girl who wants a family who understands her.  She is friendly and outgoing and likes attention.  She will let you know when she’s been overstimulated.  She would prefer a home with adults or older children who know when to give her a break.  An ideal home more about Zoey
When meeting new people or adjusting to new situations Marla may get a little scared and hiss (kitty language for “give me a little time and space”)but if you talk to her she almost immediately calms down and becomes the sweet, lovable kitty that was  behind her fear.  She likes to be petted more about Marla