Foster homes provide temporary care for cats and kittens until they can be placed by Sheltering Hands into their new, formal forever homes. Fostering provides the second chance for many stray, abandoned or homeless kitties.   

Sheltering Hands provides support, medications, food and litter as needed, and absorbs all medical expenses associated with the care of our kitties.   

Foster Parent responsibilities are:

  • Provide a separate indoor space for the cat/kittens
  • Provide clean bedding, water, food and litter
  • Provide toys and engaging play activity to enrich the lives of the cat(s)
  • Honor scheduled appointments for vaccinations or other medical care
  • Report any issues to the medical director
  • Keep records of vaccinations and other medical care
  • Provide transportation to and from appointments and adoption events
  • Spend time each day playing with and socializing the cat/kittens
  • Identify and report cat personality/behaviors etc to the adoption coordinator to help match the kitty with the best possible home
  • Send cute pictures to website administrator posting on Sheltering Hands website or social media sites

‚Äč Fostering takes up a small space in your house but fills a huge space in your heart.  


If you are interested in fostering cats/kittens, please click below to fill out the volunteer application and check "Become a foster parent".